Road Rail Suction Excavators

The combination of our Suction Excavators with road/rail technology also enables an excavator to be deployed quickly and efficiently when work has to be carried out on our railways.

More than just a suction excavator

If conventional excavation methods do not achieve the desired result or expensive manual work must be replaced entirely, then suction excavators often are used. This is the case in the area of track systems. The track bed must be cleaned and replaced, otherwise it does not fulfil its function duly any longer. 

So that the suction excavator can also drive on rails, a road/rail solution which makes it possible was found to carry out both normal use on the road, but also on rails. 

It is very simple. The suction excavator drives to a suitable spot for transferring the vehicle onto the tracks. The rail bogie assembly is positioned there and it is already ready to go. When emptying, the suction excavator can leave the rails again at a suitable spot.





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