Find out how you get more suction jobs for your machine.
02.12.2016 - 02.12.2021



Problem solvers can sell themselves better.

Are you "new" in the suction excavator business or already a "dab hand" and would like to receive more jobs for your machine? The following 9 tips will help you to get more suction jobs.


Let’s begin with a few general words. “Whoever allows himself to be engaged in a struggle with his competition has already lost. On the other hand, he who has positioned himself successfully can step away from the ruinous price war and instead gain fat profits and safely forget about his competitors." These are the words of Peter Sawtschenko. What this means to you: Position your company! If you become the problem-solver for your customers, then success will come to you naturally.


Are you unsure about how exactly to position yourself? No problem, I have 9 tips for you which can get you more suction jobs. You can do a good portion of it yourself, however, you should put some of it into hands of an expert.


1. The branding

Have your suction excavator labelled with your logo, your contact data and your Internet address, so that you stand out from your competitors.


2. Become a reporter

Document each of your jobs with pictures and videos, make notes about the problems you have solved, detailing in particular how long it took and which means were used.


3. Go online

Once you have collected enough pictures and videos of suction jobs, offer your suction solutions on your website. If you are hard-working and know a lot about the Internet, you can create a blog, in which you regularly document your suction work. Always report about the problem, what you solved with the suction excavator and how fast you could perform the work.


4. It is the "mix" that counts

Commission the design and printing of an advertising flyer for your services. Pay attention to the content. Use large pictures to show your problem-solving and describe these with little text. Do not forget to mention to add a reference to your social media profiles, the blog and the website as contact options.


5. Puff is part of the trade

Send the flyer with a personal cover letter, pictures and videos on a USB stick to your potential customers, the planning department and building control offices of the surrounding towns and municipalities as well as your local gas, water and energy supply companies. Invite all of them to a demonstration of your new technology.


6. PR

Send the same invitation for your demonstration to the local press and to specialist magazines in your line of business. Give them enough information about your services to arouse their interest. Provide the press with interesting news on a regular basis and advertise for your services. Talk about which problems you could solve to your customers.


7. Reminders

Reminders are important. In the flood of information, one or another appointment can sometimes slip through for us. So that this does not happen to you, send a reminder e-mail with pictures of the new technology and perhaps a link to a video to all of your invited potential customers 2 days before the demonstration appointment.

Use reminders also for other purposes. For example, when the local press has reported about you, then share this message on your social network, on your blog and in a newsletter with your customers and business partners.


8. Build your social network

Social networking is on everyone's lips and very important in business. Where do you get your information from? From the Internet of course. Which information do you trust the most, naturally the information your friends recommend. Therefore, it is important that your friends, customers and business partners know you and your solutions and that they recommend you.

Create profiles for Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and a fan page on Facebook as well as a Google maps entry for your company. Connect with your friends and business partners. Share your blog contributions on these profiles. If you use a Wordpress blog, there is a share plug-in that does this for you automatically. This helps to keep the time spent within reason.


9. Keep your customers up to date

Create a newsletter and regularly report to your customers & contacts (at least once a month) on your current suction work. Do not forget to include your blog and your website. You can learn how to create a newsletter here.


Go into high gear now.

If you put a lot of work and love into your marketing, you can stand out from the masses and this will pay off for you in the long run. Ponder for a moment which tips you can already tick as completed. It would be best to create a To-Do list for the open tasks. On this list, you can specify who is responsible for which task. Do not forget that you are much more convincing at depicting your services than a third party, perhaps at the beginning you only need somebody who can provide a little support and who shows you what to do.


I am convinced that you will succeed and will soon receive more suction jobs for your suction excavator. If our post has helped you and you think it could also be useful for your friends, then share it on your newly created social media profiles. Angelika Eisenbeiß - RSP Marketing wishes you a lot of fun with putting these ideas into action.