effizient Arbeiten

Use 5 simple tips for working efficiently.


As a businessman you are forced to carry out a cost-benefit analysis again and again. At the latest in the annual financial statement, you notice one figure in particular that usually remains hidden and then you ask yourself how did these costs occur and why is this so? When you take a closer look, it is often for costs for fuel, wear parts and the highest costs of all are those for personnel.


5 tips - On how you can reduce the cost of materials.

Tip 1 - The costs for fuel and other resources can be reduced with a simple trick. Choosing the right work speed is essential for consumption because not all materials that can be sucked up require the highest work speed.


Tip 2 – Switch the air conditioner off during suction work. On hot days the operator often jumps out of the vehicle without thinking and wants to finish the suction work as quickly as possible, switching off the air conditioner is often forgotten.


Tip 3 – To lower the noise nuisance and fuel consumption, turn off the suction excavator during breaks.


Tip 4 – Use our ground loosening tools to dissolve solid and heavy soils, thereby shortening the suction work by a third from time to time.


Tip 5 – Do not suck up so much liquid substances that the container becomes too full. If filters become wet, the deposited dust becomes encrusted and may eventually no longer be able to be removed. The filters are either useless and must be replaced with a new one or the efficiency of the machine is so restricted that the fuel consumption increases.


Conclusion - Why operator training is important.

The suction excavator operator is the most important criterion in daily construction site use. If he is knowledgeable about his machine and its accessories down to the minute details, he can work efficiently with it. If there are deficits in some areas, an operator training is urgently required. The operator training teaches you how to properly maintain the suction excavator, correct operation and how to carry out suction work purposefully. With this knowledge and the skills learned, you can carry out the suction work efficiently and thereby make a significant contribution to profit growth in the future.