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Current information

TT-UK Showcase Bespoke Innovative Solutions and Project Management Services at LCNI Conference

This November TT-UK exhibited at the LCNI (Low Carbon Networks and Innovation Conference) in Liverpool.TT-UK’s Senior Project Manager Billie Turner said “It is extremely encouraging and very rewarding to be working with highly capable and motivated DNO teams, providing great benefits to their customers through innovation, (UK gas and electricity consumers). These improvements help to significantly improve detrimental impact to the environmental, increase safety, address social needs, minimise disruption to traffic flow, lower carbon output and reduce construction costs etc.

24th – 26th November 2015, ACC Liverpool, UK

TT-UK will be present at the LCNI in 2015. They will feature the innovative RSP/TT-UK Suction Excavator with integrated coring unit which was initially developed for National Grid/Hitachi Commercial vehicle Solutions. National Grid/Hitachi recently won two runners-up awards at the 2015 Gas Industry Awards, one for Safety and one for Innovation.

The mission under the Maze

When numerous utility pipes and cables crisscross their way under our city’s streets, conventional sewer repair techniques can be too risky. Step in suction excavation…

A large strategic partnership working for a national utility supplier was tasked to expose and repair a collapsed sewer in an old cobbled street of Kings Lynn, UK.

TT presented RSP - SUCTION EXCAVATORS to No Dig South Africa 29th & 30th July 2014

The flexibility and performance of TT/RSP’s Suction Excavators are revolutionising Trenchless Technology. They are the best choice for a wide range of applications which include: new installation and renovation of gas and water heating pipes, cables and disposable lines, exploratory excavations with minimal disruption, replacement of pipes and fittings.

Experience the very best of trenchless technology at NO-DIG LIVE 2014

The 12th biennial NO-DIG LIVE exhibition, to be held 16-18 September at the new venue, Peterborough Arena, is already shaping up to be the biggest in its history.

New trucks help cut gas pipe repair times

TT-UK/RSP has worked with Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions and National Grid to introduce six 12t Mercedes vehicles that combine coring and suction excavation technologies.

Hitachi Solutions

together with TT UK/RSP
helps National Grid minimise roadside repair tim

Training in Scotland

TT-UK have had a positive working relationship with SGN since the early 1990’s and following initial discussions back in August 2012, have recently been working in conjunction with SGN to design and deliver two bespoke TT-UK/RSP ESE 26/6 Suction Excavators to two of SGN’s operating centres in Scotland; one in Edinburgh and the other one in Glasgow.

Sand, Suction and Safety

RSP Suction Excavators working in Saudi Arabia

„Entrepreneur of the year“ in THURINGIA

The Thuringian Entrepreneur of the Year prize award ceremony has once again taken place at the traditional ball which was held by the German Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises (BVMW) in 2013 for the twentieth time in a row.

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