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Your manufacturer of special suction machines

As the market leader in the area of fan-operated suction excavation equipment we have a great deal of experience in devising and manufacturing mobile and static suction excavators as well as customized solutions. Combined with fans of different output capacities and transport vehicles of different sizes offer a multitude of combinations which allow you to configure the perfect machine for your application. The special suction excavation equipment from RSP puts an end to the inefficiency and high cost of manual excavation work. When operating in sensitive areas, RSP suction excavators are practically unbeatable in terms of non-destructive excavations.

ESE City 12

Safe, fast, efficient: City 12 Keyhole – the new standard in civil engineering.

The ESE 32

The first suction excavators mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs are now being delivered to our customers.


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Try our online shop for easy ordering and fast delivery of spare parts and accessories.

Service benefits

We are here for you to provide quality parts, maintenance, service, repairs and technical support.

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A compilation of the most popular RSP articles, press releases and international news.

More effective than manual excavation

RSP suction excavators are outstandingly suitable for rapid and immediate use in the field of underground supply cables. With this unique machine, you can undertake the tasks of a mini excavator, transport vehicle, compressor, emergency generator, all these without any risk of damage.



TT-UK Showcase Bespoke Innovative Solutions and Project Management Services at LCNI Conference,


24th – 26th November 2015, ACC Liverpool, UK, ACC Liverpool


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